Blog Book Review FAQ

Q. Will you review my book on your blog?
A. I booktalk one new book a day Monday – Friday in all six children’s books formats: board books, picture books, beginning readers, early chapter books, middle grade and young adult.

Please note: I am only looking for print books that I can donate to our public library.

Q. Where do I send my book?
A. Please ask your publicist to send me your book. I have been working with publicists from children’s book publishers and publicity firms since 2005. (I have a special shipping address and email account for the publicists I work with regularly.)

If your publicist is new, please use the main webpage address:
Anastasia Suen
3308 Preston Rd Ste 350
Plano, TX 75093

Q. How will you share my book?
A. I will “booktalk” your book. A booktalk is an intro to a book, a short teaser to get readers interested. The goal is to get young readers interested in a book, so they will pick it up and read it to find out what happens next…

Q. Can I email you about my new book?
A. If I worked with you as a writing teacher or a freelance editor I am eager to hear about your new book! However, if we have not worked together, please ask your publicist to send me the book, not an email. Thanks!

Q. When will you blog about my new book?
A. When your book comes in, I will shelve it by publication date. After your book is launched (and people can buy it!) I will share it on the blog. Monday through Friday a new “Book of the Day” is announced on Twitter. (I also include your publisher’s Twitter name in the tweet so your publicist will know that your book is on the blog that day. Many publicists retweet the announcement to spread the word about your new book.)

Q. Why didn’t my book appear on the blog?
A. Due to the volume of submissions, I cannot blog about every book that comes in. After I read the books I donate them to our library so your book will be shared whether it appears on the blog or not.

If you click on a book title in a blog post, the link will take you to another site where you can purchase the book. Enjoy!

Email + Archives

I’ve been blogging since 2005–at LiveJournal, Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, and my own website. In 2014, I decided to consolidate and move all of my blog posts to one blog. (I’ve had over a dozen book blogs with various names over the years.) The main blog, Booktalking #kidlit, is a self-hosted WordPress blog on my website. I am using this WordPress.com blog as an email delivery service. Click on the + at the bottom of the page to see the email sign up form. (Same name, same posts, different location.)

If you follow this blog via email, you’ll see my old book blog posts as I move them over one day at a time. (This is a multi-year project, to say the least, but I want to have an archive with all of my book posts in one easy to find location.) The post date at the bottom of the email will let you know when that post originally appeared on one of my blogs. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

~ Anastasia Suen

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