Dance of the Banished

Dance of the Banished
by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch (Author)

Booktalk: Ali and Zeynep are young and in love. But the Anatolian teenagers are caught in circumstances that threaten to separate them forever. While Ali has found passage to Canada, war breaks out in 1914; he is declared an enemy alien. Unable to convince his captors that he is a refugee from an oppressive regime, he is thrown in an internment camp, where he must count himself lucky to have a roof over his head and food to eat. Meanwhile, left behind in a country plunged into war and revolution, Zeynep is determined to stay alive—despite the impossible odds—and find a way to save her Christian Armenian neighbors from the horrors of the Armenian Genocide. But if she succeeds, will Zeynep still find a way to cross a continent and an ocean to find Ali again? And if she does, will he still be waiting for her?

Snippet: May 1, 1915
Soldiers went door-to-door today, searching Christian houses for weapons and any bit of paper that proves a person is a traitor. I was terrified that they would find this journal. I haven’t said anything against the government, but even talking about starving soldiers might be considered treason.

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