Rory’s Promise

Rory’s Promise
by Michaela MacColl and Rosemary Nichols (Authors)

Booktalk: Twelve-year-old Rory and her little sister, Violet are, at least, living together in the Catholic Foundling Hospital in New York City. But in 1904 the hospital begins to send orphans to the Arizona Territory to be adopted by devout Catholic families. Too old to be adopted, Rory is desperate to find a way to accompany Violet. With no other recourse, she stows away on the “orphan” train determined to make sure the family who adopts Violet is a good one. But Rory soon discovers that the families the Sisters have chosen for the white orphans are actually Mexican immigrant families, which deeply offends the local Anglo community. The trouble that ensues is much more complicated and dangerous than anything the resourceful Rory had bargained for.

Snippet: Suddenly, Mrs. Gatti pushed past them to grab ahold of Violet. Before Rory could stop here, she had snatched Violet away.

“Rory! Violet cried. “Help me!”

I’ve got you!” Mrs. Gatti cried, “First come, first served!”

“Give her back! Rory yelled, putting up her fists. A man’s hand closed over her shoulder, his fingers digging into her skin.

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