The Reluctant Time Traveller

The Reluctant Time Traveller
by Janis MacKay (Author)

Booktalk: If Saul and Agnes don’t do something their den will be destroyed. But the title deeds that could save it were lost in 1914. Good job they know the secret of time travel! Still, is travelling back in time to a world on the verge of war really a good idea? When Agnes disappears Saul has no choice — he can’t let her go to the past on her own. 100 years before their own time, Saul and Agnes meet a brother and sister, servants at a big house where a sinister visitor is expected. Together the new friends try to uncover the mystery but Saul and Agnes know time is running out.

Snippet: I had been here before — in the future. Playing hide and seek. It had only been yesterday for me, I think, but already time was feeling too messy to be sure. I shuddered, thinking how the house was ruin then, with craggy bits still standing — like this room. Different time, same place.

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