Imani’s Moon

Imani’s Moon
by Janay Brown-Wood (Author) and Hazel Mitchell (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Imani wants to touch the moon. She is eager to achieve something great, just like the heroes do in the stories Mama tells her each night. But how can a tiny girl soar so high in the sky?

“Look at tiny Imani!” the other children teased.
“She’s no higher than a lion cub’s knee!”
“Careful,” they called to her.
“Don’t let the meerkats stomp on your head!”
“Mini Imani! You’ll never accomplish anything!”
Day in and day out, the children teased her, and Imani began to believe them.
Every night, Imani’s mama lifted her spirits with stories. This night, Mama told her of Olapa, goddess of the moon who fought a great battle against the god of the sun and triumphed.

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