Quinny & Hopper

Quinny & Hopper
by Adriana Brad Schanen (Author) and Greg Swearingen (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Quinny has a lot to say. Hopper gets to the point.

Quinny has one speed: very, very, extra-very fast. Hopper proceeds with caution.

Quinny has big ideas. Hopper has smart solutions.

Quinny and Hopper couldn’t be more different. They are an unstoppable team.

But when summer ends, things suddenly aren’t the same.

Snippet: “Quinny Bumble, get down from there!” calls Mom from the sidewalk.

The good news is, in eight years I’ll be old enough to drive this thing.

The grumpy news is, today we’re moving.

We = me + Mom + Dad + Pee-U Piper + icky-sticky-screamy Cleo + 147 boxes of all our stuff.

Good-bye New York City. Hello, some other place in the middle of nowhere that we have to go live for Mom’s new job.

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