The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia Revised Edition

The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia Revised Edition
by Clive Gifford (Author)

Booktalk: Freshly revised and updated, this is a world soccer book for the 2014 World Cup and beyond. As well as offering practical advice, this informative book also provides an insider’s view of the history of the game, profiles of the great clubs, and facts about women’s soccer teams and players. (Includes free World Cup poster for readers to fill in as the tournament progresses.)

As soon as a team gains possession of the ball, with time and in space, its players’ thoughts turn to attacking. There are many ways in which a team can launch an attack, from a fast drive into space by a player who is sprinting forward and pushing the ball ahead, to a slow probing attack in which many players keep the ball securely in possession and look for an opening.

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