Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice

Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice
by Gail Bush and Randy Meyer (Editors)

Booktalk: America is not easy. It’s a land of high ideals and stirring icons, but it is also a land of harsh realities. We celebrate the incredible achievements of individuals as we turn our gaze from hunger and homelessness in the streets. We have a difficult time matching our words with our deeds. This is where poetry comes in. A poem has the ability to personalize the ideal, to make it tangible in a way that a speech or news report cannot. It can widen the angle through which we view society. It can move us to action. The poems in this anthology do just that: confront, challenge, and inspire. They take us on a journey toward social justice, starting in the shadows and slowly working our way home.

The News You Don’t Get at Home
Luis J. Rodriguez

The news you don’t get at home
is in the dangling flesh pf peasants and workers,
in the silenced tongues of poets and journalists,
in the machine-gunned remains of women and children.

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  2. I wish this weren’t quite so YA. Sounds like a great book for middle school/high school classrooms!


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