Welcome to America, Champ!

Welcome to America, Champ!
by Catherine Stier (Author) and Doris Ettlinger (Illustrator)

Booktalk: During World War II thousands of American servicemen were stationed overseas in various countries. It is in England that American GI Jack Ricker meets and marries an English widow with a nine-year-old son, Thomas. Thomas likes his new stepfather and he’s hopeful about their future. But now with the war over, Jack is back in America. Thomas and his mother make plans to leave England and join him. Thomas is apprehensive about moving. He won’t know anyone, apart from Jack. In America, they play baseball and not cricket. Will he fit in?

My grandparents host a farewell party. Miles and other schoolmates wish me well.
After our guests leave, Grandad hands me a gift.
“Thomas,” Grandad says. “I believe you are like this daring knight, setting off on a great adventure. You know, they don’t have knights there in America.”
Grandad has carved and painted for me a knight on a horse!

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