Death Spiral

Death Spiral: A Faith Flores Science Mystery
by Janie Chodosh (Author)

Booktalk: When loner Faith Flores finds her mother dead of an apparent overdose, she refuses to believe that’s the case. Sure, her mom made some bad decisions, but leaving her daughter would never be one of them. Unfortunately, the cops are all too eager to close the case and move on, sending a distraught and unsatisfied Faith to live with her Aunt T in the suburbs of Philadelphia. But a note from Melinda, her mom’s junkie friend, prompts Faith to begin digging, igniting her passion in science and her need for answers…

Snippet: I’ve just reached his side when I hear the scuffling of feet behind me. I look over my shoulder and see a security guard with a face like a baked ham heading my direction. “Everything okay, sir?” he asks, settling his meaty frame protectively in front of Glass.

“Wait, please,” I beg before Glass can give the order to have me hauled off. “I need to talk with you about the clinical trial for RNA 120.”

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