Jasmine and Maddie

Jasmine and Maddie
by Christine Pakkala (Author)

Booktalk: To grieving Jasmine, Maddie’s a rich kid with no problems. To lonely Maddie, Jasmine is all cavalier-cool in their tame Connecticut town. True friends they are not. Yet each hopes the other might save her. Can Maddie give Jasmine what she needs? Could Jasmine rescue Maddie from the outskirts of the crowd? When Jasmine steals Maddie’s heirloom ring, just how far will she go to keep it? In alternating chapters, Maddie and Jasmine take turns weaving their story about friendship and coming of age.

Snippet: Mr. Carty talks a bit about Emily Dickinson’s life. I hear: Amherst, Massachusetts; recluse; wore white; wrote 1,800 poems. Mr. Carty reads us one of her poems about wild nights. Sounds like it was wishful thinking on her part.

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