The Emerald Tablet: The Forgotten Worlds

The Emerald Tablet: The Forgotten Worlds
by PJ Hoover (Author)

Booktalk: Benjamin is different from other kids—he can read minds and use telekinesis. But it isn’t until he’s sent to summer school on a hidden, underwater continent that he learns the truth. It turns out, Benjamin isn’t really human at all—and the powers he thought made him special, just make him normal. But then the mysterious Emerald Tablet chooses him as its champion and he’s thrust into a mission to save the world.

Snippet: When they arrived in the back of the store, Benjamin could make out Heidi’s voice coming from the front room.

“Are you sure the Moonstone is a more powerful telemagnifier than the Rainbow Boji Stones?” she asked.

“Oh, much more powerful,” Morpheus replied. “Have you tested your telepathic abilities in the chambers yet?”

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