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Where does electricity come from? Help K-5 students answer this essential question (and meet the Common Core State Standards) with the Teaching STEM lesson plans for this mentor text: Wired by Anastasia Suen (ATOS 5.1 / 820L)


Unit Summary: Students will examine the essential question, “Where does electricity come from?” As you read the book, the students will identify and write the main idea for each spread. They will look up generators and read about them. Using the library resources and online materials, they will create a diagram of a generator and label it. Finally, students will design a flow chart leading from the generator diagram of where electricity goes when it leaves the generator and they’ll use their collected information to write about the entire process.

TeachingSTEM.medThe Library Activity begins on page 111. The Collaborative Teacher Activity is on page 114.

Extension Activities (sample)

1. Explore other ways electricity is generated. Consider hydropower, solar power, tidal power, and wind power.

2. Bring in a guest speaker from the local power company.

3. After reading the book, have the students write a short description of the main idea of the book. Use the phrase, “I am a technology specialist. I know that _________.”

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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