May 10, 2013 Poetry Friday is here!

Singing Contest

sing it
sing it
sing it out

sing it
sing it
no, don’t shout

sing it
sing it
line by line

sing it
sing it
one more time

Original poem by Anastasia Suen

The May 10, 2013 Poetry Friday Roundup is complete!

Jeff Ode to My Mom A poem dedicated to all moms. Original Poem Grateful
Jone aka MsMac Poetry Friday: Haiku by Robyn Hood Black Follow up on Wednesday’s interview with Robyn Hood Black. Another Poet Thrilled
Linda Baie A Sestina for Spring An idea inspired by Doraine Bennett from Dori Reads. Original Poem Questioning
Mary Lee Hahn Vacation The title is The Vacation, but that’s not really what this poem is about. Another Poet Contemplative
Renee LaTulippe – No Water River The Power of Encouragement + “The Hairy Bear” For National Teacher Appreciation Week: praise and a poem I wrote when I was ten. Original Poem Thankful
Michelle Heidenrich Barnes Today’s Little Ditty For all the mothers out there. Original Poem Nostalgic
Laura Shovan A Spiralling Storm of Fib Poems I’m in residence with third graders this month working on scientific Fibonacci poems. Original Poem Enthused
Ruth “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop Thinking about loss with Bishop’s villanelle. Another Poet Melancholy
Jama’s Alphabet Soup “Cheese Please” Charles Ghigna rhapsodizes about cheese! Another Poet Alone with provolone
Donna Harbor Spring The harbors come alive in spring with lobster boats. Original Poem Spring
Laura Purdie Salas Hand Shadows A beautiful poem by Mary Cornish. Another Poet Introspective
Catherine Flynn “Think Like A Tree” Karen I. Shragg’s “Think Like a Tree” Another Poet Thoughtful
Carol The Peace of Wild Things” A poem to quiet the soul Another Poet Quiet
Diane Mayr Poetry Retreat Inspired Short poems inspired by a recent retreat of the Monadnock Pastoral Poets. Original Poem Curious
Kurious Kitty Poem Runs Baseball poems by Douglas Florian. Another Poet Tired
KK’s Kwotes Poetry Friday Kwote A small poem by Eve Merriam. Another Poet Puzzled
Irene Latham Poems to Learn by Hear Caroline Kennedy’s latest book and thoughts/tips on memorizing poems Other Thoughtful
Margaret Simon Who is your Persona? Student’s persona poems about favorite book characters. Original Poem Connection
Buffy Silverman Yin and Yang A poetry postcard from one of Jone’s students and my response. Original Poem Admiring
The Poem Farm Moon Mama and a Poem about Writing A poem, audio, kitten pictures, and a visit with kindergarten poets! Original Poem Motherly
Donna L Sadd Hospital A yucky kind of boy’s rhyming poem Original Poem Gross
Tara @A Teaching Life Billy Collins: The Chairs That No One Sits In Thinking about empty chairs. Another Poet Reflective
Ben Curran The Kick of Creation A brilliant poem from Chris Martin. Another Poet Optimistic
Steven Withrow “Cedar Waxwing” and “pring Cardinal” Different approaches to birds. Original Poem Multitudinous
Heidi @ my juicy little universe “Strive to Be Me” A slam-style poem by a high school senior. Another Poet Surprised
Matt Forrest Esenwine What kept me busy during National Poetry Month Three poems I wrote in April. Original Poem Happy
Karen Edmisten Luci Shaw – Wrong Turn Short and perfect. Another Poet Very Shaw
Jeannine Atkins Views from a Window Seat Ways to Write a Poem about Science Other Processing
M. M. Socks Sweet Juanito Why did Juanito grow up so sweet? Original Poem Invisible
Tabatha Hafiz and the Summer Swap Hafiz and the Summer Swap Another Poet Yes
Little Willow Bildungsroman A piece of Dia Calhoun’s After the River the Sun Another Poet Lyrical
Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) Giraffe Party Come join the Giraffe Party at FATHER GOOSE Blog Original Poem No elephants or donkeys allowed
Keri Collins Lewis Pirate Story A tribute to imagination by Sir Robert Louis Stevenson Another Poet Contemplative
Doraine Bennett DoriReads Poems about Time Another Poet Intrigue
Becky Shillington Tapestry of Words The Poetry Friday Anthology! News Exciting
Sylvia & Janet @ PFA Our last poem of the (school) year “The Secret Seed” by Allan Wolf. Another Poet Celebrating!
Joy Acey Rainy Day Finding the silver lining even when it’s raining. Original Poem Gray
Cathy Mere June Bugs Those pesky May visitors. Original Poem Content
Julie Larios The Map by Eliz. Bishop Maps, maps, maps. Another Poet Questioning

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