Big City Otto

Big City Otto (Elephants Never Forget)
by Bill Slavin (Author, Illustrator)
80 pages

Booktalk: Otto is a lumbering, sweet-natured elephant who can’t forget his childhood chum Georgie, a smiley-faced chimpanzee who was abducted and shipped away from their forest home by the mysterious and sinister Man with the Wooden Nose. Accompanied by a wisecracking but protective parrot named Crackers, Otto decides to hop a plane and look for Georgie in America. But once they hit the wild streets of the concrete jungle, Otto and Crackers court trouble at every turn…

CRACKERS: They were good times, Otto, but Georgie’s gone! You’ve gotta get used to it.

OTTO: But I miss him Crackers! We were pals! And that day haunts me. I just feel I could have done more.

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