May 2012 Online Workshops

May 2012 Online Workshops

The May 2012 workshops will begin on Wednesday, May 2nd.

Which workshop is best for you?

New to children’s books?
Learn about the different types of children’s books in the Children’s Book Genres Workshop.

Passionate about literacy?
Find out how you can write for children learning to read in the Children’s Literacy Workshop (for Writers).

Ready to write?
Write and edit your book in the

After you finish a writing workshop you can work through two more edits in a “work-in-progress” workshop, by rewriting your picture book or easy reader or working on the next chapter of your children’s chapter book or children’s novel.

The May workshop dates are May 2-June 20, 2012.


Picture Book of the Day

Take Your Mama to Work Today
by Amy Reichert (Author) and Alexandra Boiger (Illustrator)

Booktalk: When Violet visits her mom’s office on Take Your Child to Work Day (April 26th this year), she is very helpful.

Snippet: Sometimes the boss won’t say hello because he’ll be getting ready for a presentation–that’s like show-and-tell for grown-ups. You’re probably an expert at show-and-tell, so be sure to offer to help.

Chapter Book of the Day

Take Your Mama to Work Today
by Valerie Hobbs (Author) and Jennifer Thermes (Illustrator)
336 pages

Booktalk: Maggie is always full of questions. But a young maid in a fine lady’s house isn’t supposed to wonder so much, so one day Maggie is thrown out into the street with only a tiny heart-shaped locket for a keepsake. Who is the lady in the locket?

A little dog named Oliver is pushing his nose along an icy sidewalk searching for his lost mistress, or at least something to eat. No matter how hard he looks he can’t find either one, but he does see a girl with round blue eyes and a golden locket around her neck. The girl calls him “Lucky.”

Snippet: For once in his short life, Oliver was happy to be an ordinary mutt, with parts of many kinds of dogs all mixed together. The part of him that was bloodhound would help find Bertie. With one last look at the cozy house where he had been raised from a pup, Oliver headed into the wide open world.

April 2012 Carnival Of Children’s Literature

  • Our April 2012 host is A Curious Thing.
  • Add YOUR post to this carnival by filling out this form.
  • The deadline for adding your post is April 26th.
  • The carnival will go live on April 28th.


STEM Haiku

Share your own haiku about a STEM topic during National Poetry Month.

(STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

A little of this
a little of that, bit by
bit, add up to one.
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