Nonfiction Monday

Picture Book of the Day

Rosa’s Bus
by Jo S. Kittinger (Author) and Steven Walker (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Like all buses in Montgomery, Alabama, in the 1950s, bus #2857 was segregated: white passengers sat in the front and black passengers sat in the back. Bus #2857 was an ordinary public bus until a woman named Rosa Parks, who had just put in a long day as a seamstress, refused to give up her seat to a white passenger.

When Bus #2857 rolled off
the assembly line in 1948,
no one cheered,
no one paid attention
no one knew that one day
Bus #2857 would be famous.

Chapter Book of the Day

Getting Elected: A Look at Running for Office
by Robin Nelson and Sandy Donovan (Authors)
40 pages

Booktalk: A look behind the scenes at what it means to be elected to political office…

Snippet: The United States is a democracy. In a democracy, the government is run for the people and by the people. But people don’t do all the work. They choose representatives to make decisions for them.

Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday

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  2. Thank you Anastasia, for featuring my book, ROSA’S BUS, on your blog! What a nice surprise! I do hope that librarians and teachers will check out the information on my website with activites with which to incorporate the book into classroom study.

    Thanks for all you do to help promote childrens books!


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