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Picture Book of the Day

Prairie Storms
by Darcy Pattison (Author) and Kathleen Rietz (Illustrator)

Booktalk: See a year on the prairie. (Did you know that ground hogs live on the prairie, too? Tomorrow is their big day!)

The hibernating groundhog stirs,
awakes. It unplugs the door to its den
and peers out. Soft billows of fog blot
out the sun.

BONUS! See the video and download the ground hog coloring page


Chapter Book of the Day

Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie
by Bill Doyle (Author) and Scott Altman (Illustrator)
112 pages

Booktalk: After Keats and Henry lose their bikes, they need money—fast. So the help-wanted ad at the supermarket seems ideal for them. All they have to do is weed Hallway House’s garden, find some lightbulbs in the attic, sweep the garage . . . and battle a shark-headed zombie. That last job is a joke…isn’t it?

Snippet: “Shark-headed zombie?” Henry said.

“Extra wand?” said Keats.

Henry laughed, and then Keats did, too.

BONUS! See the video!


5 MORE Great Books About Valentines

Big Heart!: A Valentine’s Day Tale
by Joan Holub (Author) and Will Terry (Illustrator)
The ant class makes a big Valentine. Who is it for? Pre-Level 1 easy reader

Melvin’s Valentine
by Jon Scieszka (Author), David Shannon (Illustrator), Loren Long (Illustrator) and David Gordon (Illustrator)
Who gave Melvin a Valentine? Level 1 easy reader

No Valentines for Katie
by Fran Manushkin (Author) and Tammie Lyon (Illustrator)
Uh-oh! No one gave Katie Woo a Valentine. Easy reader with chapters

Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (Author) and Marc Simont (Illustrator)
Who gave Sludge the dog a Valentine? Easy reader.

Valentine’s Day in Vicarstown
by Rev. W. Awdry (Author)
What will Thomas do about Valentine’s Day when the blizzard comes? Easy reader

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