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Picture Book of the Day

The Snow Blew Inn
by Dian Curtis Regan (Author) and Doug Cushman (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Emma can’t wait until Cousin Abby arrives so their sleepover can begin. But a blizzard shows up instead of Abby. Other guests arrive and arrive and arrive. Soon the inn is full. But where is Abby?

Is cousin Abby coming down the trail?
“Not yet, not yet,” calls Mr. Owl. “Storm, storm!”

Chapter Book of the Day

The Masterwork of a Painting Elephant
by Michelle Cuevas (Author) and Ed Young (Illustrator)
144 pages

Booktalk: Ever since he was an infant, Pigeon Jones has lived on the back of an artistically gifted white elephant named Birch.

Snippet: I was born a restless sort, a tumbleweed, a wanderer if you will, and the night my parents left me on the orphanage steps, I didn’t wait around to be found. I crawled right out of that basket and made my way into the world.

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