They’re here early!

Debbie asked me to send her my book titles for the SCBWI conference in February, so I looked up my two new 2012 All-Star Cheerleaders books (just in case) – and they’re here early!

All-Star Cheerleaders: Save the Best for Last, Abby (Book 2)

It’s hard to be the oldest, especially when your younger sister complains about being last in everything, and everyone always says, “We saved the best for last,” even if it is a joke. But Abby’s little sister Emma isn’t just last – she’s a flyer! She’s the one everyone watches, so she’d better get this new routine right. And Abby has to help!

All-Star Cheerleaders: Just So, Brianna (Book 3)

Brianna wants everything to be perfect, and that includes her cheer moves. She practices and practices, and even then, sometimes not everything is “just so.” But with some help from her big sister and the older girls from Big D Elite gym, Brianna learns that while practice makes perfect sometimes, other times it’s OK to do your best and just have fun!

Now we can add them to the All-Star Cheerleaders webpage. Go Big D!

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