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Picture Book of the Day

My Animal World

Booktalk: This charming collection holds fifteen tiny board books, sized just right for little hands. It’s an introduction to the animal world, from pigs to penguins, cow to cat and everything in between. Each title tells the animals name, where it lives, what its baby is called, what it eats, and the sound it makes.

Snippet: from Dog
My baby
is called
a puppy


Chapter Book of the Day

Horrid Henry’s Christmas
by Francesca Simon (Author) and Tony Ross (Illustrator)
112 pages

Booktalk: They don’t call him Horrid Henry for nothing! In this 4 story collection, Horrid Henry sabotages the Christmas play; tries to do all his Christmas shopping without spending any of his allowance; attempts to ambush Santa Claus (to get more presents, of course); and has to endure the worst Christmas dinner ever!

Snippet: Miss Battle-Axe droned on about school lunches (yuck), the new drinking fountain blah blah blah, math homework blah blah blah, the school Christmas play blah blah … what? Did Miss Battle-Axe say … Christmas play? Horrid Henry sat up.

Children’s Book Genres Workshop

Planning to write a children’s book in 2012?

(Ask someone to buy you a workshop gift certificate for the holidays!)

A children’s book isn’t just one kind of book – there are 6 very different children’s book genres. Each genre meets the needs of a different stage of childhood. How are books for the stages of childhood structured? What story layers do the books have? What promises do they make?

In the Children’s Book Genres Workshop you will begin at the beginning with a child’s everyday world (realistic fiction) as you read 3 books for each stage of childhood and look beneath the surface to see how each children’s book genre is put together.

The next Children’s Book Genres Workshop begins on January 4th. This online workshop does not have a physical meeting place or classroom hours. You will have 8 weeks to complete the 6 lessons in this online workshop. Turn your lessons in as you complete them, the next day…or on the due date two weeks later.

After you discover the genre that is right for you, take the Intensive Picture Book Workshop, Children’s Chapter Books Workshop or the Children’s Novels Workshop and begin writing your own children’s book!

The January workshop dates are January 4-February 22, 2012.


STEM Friday on December 16, 2011

STEM Friday is coming! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

The STEM Friday Round-up on December 16, 2011

is at Celebrate Science.


Blog Countdown #2

Dear Readers,

Due to technical difficulties (see below) I am moving ALL of my blogs here to Booktalking.

Q. Why are you moving your blogs during the busy holidays?
A. Two reasons:
1. I’m being innundated by foreign language spam.
2. The Feedburner subscription service has locked me out.

This means that while others have found me (in a BIG way!) I can no longer find you. I can’t access my subscriber lists. I’ve had the same login since 2006, but Feedburner was sold to Google and now my passwords no longer work!

I have to START OVER.

1. I will consolidate ALL 8 blogs into 1 at Booktalking.
2. I will count down for two weeks (from 10-1)…and then close the other 7 blogs.

If you read this blog via a Google subscription, please click here and sign up for email with WordPress. (It’s the widget on the right that says “Send me this blog via email.”) Then I can see you – and help you – if you need assistance with your subscription.


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