Nonfiction Monday

Picture Book of the Day

3D Theater: Oceans

by Kathryn Jewitt (Author) and Fiametta Dogi (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Learn all about the ocean in this 3-D pop-up book! (Can you find all of the animals in the pop-up scenes?)


Leatherback turtle

The biggest of all sea turtles, this creature spends most of its time in the open ocean, feeding on jellyfish.


Chapter Book of the Day

Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter Macmillian, Arctic Explorer

by Mary Morton Cowan (Author)

208 pages

Booktalk: From 1908 until 1954, Donald Baxter MacMillan spent nearly 50 years exploring the Arctic – longer than anyone else. Growing up near the ocean, and orphaned by 12, MacMillan forged an adventurous life.

Snippet: Most of the earth was well mapped, but no one knew what lay at the top. Many believed the North Pole was surrounded by water, while others thought there was a continent up there. Danny listened to tales of daring men who explored the Arctic. Some starved, froze to death, or perished when their ships were wrecked by ice or lost in storms.


Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday

This week’s Nonfiction Monday Round-up host is Geo Librarian


Online Writing Workshop Gift Certificates

Planning to write a children’s book in 2012?

(Ask someone to buy you a workshop for the holidays!)

It took most of the day on Friday but I finally figured out how offer gift certificates for my online workshops! Yay! With a Paypal Gift Certificate someone can pay for YOUR online workshop – and when you’re ready, you can choose both the workshop you want to take and the dates that fit in your schedule.

I will teach four different workshops in 2012:

New to children’s books?

Learn about the different types of children’s books in the Children’s Book Genres Workshop.

Ready to write?

Write and edit your book in the Intensive Picture Book Workshop, Children’s Chapter Books Workshop or the Children’s Novels Workshop.

After you finish a writing workshop you can work through two more edits in a “work-in-progress” workshop, by rewriting your picture book or working on the next chapter of your children’s chapter book or children’s novel.

The January workshop dates are January 4-February 22, 2012.


Literary Links

YALSA Announces Nonfiction Award Finalists (via The Hub)


Blog Countdown #5

Dear Readers,

Due to technical difficulties (see below) I am moving ALL of my blogs here to Booktalking.

Q. Why are you moving your blogs during the busy holidays?

A. Two reasons:

1. I’m being innundated by foreign language spam.

2. The Feedburner subscription service has locked me out.

This means that while others have found me (in a BIG way!) I can no longer find you. I can’t access my subscriber lists. I’ve had the same login since 2006, but Feedburner was sold to Google and now my passwords no longer work!

I have to START OVER.

1. I will consolidate ALL 8 blogs into 1 at Booktalking.

2. I will count down for two weeks (from 10-1)…and then close the other 7 blogs.

If you read this blog via a Google subscription, please click here and sign up for email with WordPress. (It’s the widget on the right that says “Send me this blog via email.”) Then I can see you – and help you – if you need assistance with your subscription.




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