Friday Reads

Picture Book of the Day

The Kvetch Who Stole Hanukkah

by Bill Berlin (Author), Susan Isakoff Berlin (Author), and Peter Welling (Illustrator)

Booktalk: In the town of Oyville, the children were preparing for Hanukkah. But the kvetch who lived high on the hill had other plans…


What is a kvetch, you may want to know.

What makes him so gloomy, what makes him say no?

A kvetch is a person who likes to complain.

When others see sun, a kvetch will see rain.


Poetry Friday

This week’s Poetry Friday Round-up is hosted by Read, Write, Howl


Chapter Book of the Day

Lightning, Hurricanes, and Blizzards: The Science of Storms

by Paul Fleisher (Author)

48 pages

Booktalk: What causes thunderstorms and lightning? Where and why do hurricanes form? How are blizzards more dangerous than other snowstorms? To answer these questions, you’ll need to know about nature’s most powerful weather events. Storms of all types and sizes occur around the globe. Each storm needs just the right combination of weather conditions to form and become dangerous–or even destructive. In this fact-packed book, discover how storms form, where they strike, and what makes them so powerful.

Snippet: Sunlight provides energy for all weather–including storms. Sunlight warms the Earth’s surface. It causes water on the ocean’s surface to evaporate, or change from liquid to gas. A storm’s energy comes from the sun’s heat. Understanding storms involves four Cs: convection, condensation convergence, and the Coriolis effect.


STEM Friday

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

This week’s STEM Friday Round-up is hosted by Wrapped in Foil


Nonfiction Monday on December 12, 2011

Nonfiction Monday is coming!

The Nonfiction Monday Round-up on December 12, 2011

is at Geo Librarian.


Blog Countdown #6

Dear Readers,

Due to technical difficulties (see below) I am moving ALL of my blogs here to Booktalking.

Q. Why are you moving your blogs during the busy holidays?

A. Two reasons:

1. I’m being innundated by foreign language spam.

2. The Feedburner subscription service has locked me out.

This means that while others have found me (in a BIG way!) I can no longer find you. I can’t access my subscriber lists. I’ve had the same login since 2006, but Feedburner was sold to Google and now my passwords no longer work!

I have to START OVER.

1. I will consolidate ALL 8 blogs into 1 at Booktalking.

2. I will count down this week and next (from 10-1)…and then close the other 7 blogs.

If you read this blog via a Google subscription, please click here and sign up for email with WordPress. (It’s the widget on the right that says “Send me this blog via email.”) Then I can see you – and help you – if you need assistance with your subscription.




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  1. Anastasia,

    I am so sorry to hear about your blog difficulties. You had such a great system all set up 😦

    I’ll be sure to change my links to send them here.



  2. Sorry for the tech difficulties! I thought that it was always someone else’s problem when that was announced on TV. Guess today it’s ‘our’ problem. I like the Kvetch book, looks like a good addition to the Hanukkah collection.


  3. I changed my links as well. Thanks for the review of Lightning, Hurricanes, and Blizzards. I can use the 4 C’s in my weather unit in 5th grade. Good luck with the new setup.


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