Nonfiction Monday

Picture Book of the Day

Life Cycles: Polar Lands
by Sean Callery (Author)

Booktalk: The Arctic and Antarctic regions are full of animals looking for food and trying not to be eaten themselves! Learn about the life cycle of 11 amazing animals and their food webs.

Snippet: The Arctic and Antarctic regions are known as the polar lands. They are the toughest habitats in the world: dark all winter, with freezing temperatures and storms. Against all odds, plants and animals live here.

Chapter Book of the Day

Learn to Speak Dance: A Guide to Creating, Performing & Promoting Your Moves
by Ann-Marie Williams (Author) and Jeff Kulak (Illustrator)
96 pages

Booktalk: Watching a flashy music video or an episode of So You Think You Can Dance probably makes most people a little shy about their dancing skills, but we all know how to dance. After all, dance is just a mash up of everyday movement and imagination. And while a musician might learn how to play piano or guitar, a dancer’s instrument is her own body.

Snippet: When you feel good, you want to share the love. That’s why dancing is always involved when there’s something to celebrate, like a wedding or a party. Dancing together is kind like a big group hug, because it makes us feel closer to each other. It reminds us that we belong to a group, and that’s a powerful feeling.

Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday

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Literary Links

The first printed book created from an iPad app. (via @bdlpub)

New Spilling Ink writing contest for ages 8-12! (via @annemazer)

Blog Countdown #10

Dear Readers,

Due to technical difficulties (see below) I am moving ALL of my blogs here to Booktalking.

Q. Why are you moving your blogs during the busy holidays?
A. Two reasons:
1. I’m being innundated by foreign language spam.
2. The Feedburner subscription service has locked me out.

This means that while others have found me (in a BIG way!) I can no longer find you. I can’t access my subscriber lists. I’ve had the same login since 2006, but Feedburner was sold to Google and now my passwords no longer work!

I have to START OVER.

1. I will consolidate ALL 8 blogs into 1 at Booktalking.
2. I will count down this week and next (from 10-1)…and then close the other 7 blogs.

If you read this blog via a Google subscription, please click here and sign up for email with WordPress. (It’s the widget on the right that says “Send me this blog via email.”) Then I can see you – and help you – if you need assistance with your subscription.


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