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Picture Book of the Day


by Steven Kroll (Author) and Doug Holgate (Illustrator)

Booktalk: In this picture book comic, Drago wants to enter the Dragon Contest, but he doesn’t know how to fly yet…


Drago tried…

SFX: (sound effects) flap! flap! flap! flap! flap! flap! flap! flap!



5 Great Books About Soldiers

D-Day Landings: The Story of the Allied Invasion

by Karen Wallace and Richard Platt (Authors)

Find out more about this famous World War II event. Level 4 easy reader

From Slave to Soldier: Based on a True Civil War Story

by Deborah Hopkinson (Author) and Brian Floca (Illustrator)

A slave boy runs away and joins the Union army. Level 3 easy reader

Hero Dad

by Melinda Hardin (Author) and Bryan Langdo (Illustrator)

A young boy talks about his father, the soldier. Picture book

Pearl Harbor

by Stephen Krensky (Author) and Larry Day (Illustrator)

See how and why the U.S entered the World War II. Level 3 easy reader

Sam the Minuteman

by Nathaniel Benchley (Author) and Arnold Lobel (Illustrator)

A boy helps his father fight the Battle of Lexington. Level 3 easy reader


Chapter Book of the Day

The Rendering

by Joel Naftali (Author)

288 pages

Booktalk: Doug Solomon was a normal kid. But that ended once he became wanted for murder. Now he’s being hunted by VIRUS–an evil organization bent on world domination.


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Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month! Today’s host is Kelly Milner Halls.


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