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Picture Book of the Day

Clues in the Attic (My First Graphic Novel)

by Cari M. Meister (Author) and Remy Simard (Illustrator)

Booktalk: In this comic book mystery, Ben lost something that belongs to his sister, and he has to find it. He is scared, but it doesn’t matter. Ben has to be brave. He has to go into the attic.


Suddenly the door slammed shut.

SFX: (sound effects) BANG!


5 Great Books About Veterans

America’s White Table

by Margot Theis Raven (Author) and Mike Benny (Illustrator)

Did you know that we set a place at the White Table to remember soldiers who didn’t come home? Picture book

George Washington — Soldier, Hero, President

by Justine Fontes and Ron Fontes (Authors)

Our first president was also a veteran. Level 3 easy reader

The Veterans Day Visitor

by Peter Catalanotto (Author) and Pamela Schembri (Author)

When Pop-Pop finds out that the children don’t know what a veteran is, he volunteers to talk to their class. Easy reader with chapters

Veterans Day

by Jacqueline S. Cotton (Author)

Learn all about Veterans Day in this easy reader.

The Wall

by Eve Bunting (Author) and Ronald Himler (Illustrator)

A boy and his father visit the Vietnam War Memorial. Picture book


Chapter Book of the Day

Soldier Bear

by Bibi Dumon Tak (Author), Laura Watkinson (Translator) and Phiip Hopman (Illustrator)

144 pages

Booktalk: A group of Polish solders stationed in Iran during World War II trade a pen knife and some canned beef for an orphaned bear cub, and Voytek, as they name the bear, travels with them from Iran to Italy and then on to Scotland. See how they train a bear to help them in the war. (Photographs of the real Voytek are in the back of the book.)


The air rippled with heat. At that time of day, the army camp was like a ghost town. If you ventured out into the sun, it felt like you were about to burst into flames.

But even so, one creature still came out into the blazing heat, bumbling along the path between the parked trucks and stopping to sniff at every vehicle.


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