Friday Reads

Picture Book of the Day

Dogs, Dogs!
by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt (Author, Illustrator)

Booktalk: Look at all the dogs! What kind are you?

Dogs, dogs, are everywhere.
Look at all the dogs out there!


Chapter Book of the Day

by Karen Sandler
384 pages

Booktalk: Best friends Kayla and Mishalla know they will be separated when time comes for their Assignments. They are GENS, Genetically Engineered Non-humans, and in their strict caste system, GENS are at the bottom rung of society. GENs aren’t born naturally of a mother. They are gestated in a tank, sequestered in slums, and sent to work as slaves as soon as they reach age fifteen. …

After weeks of toiling on their assignments, mystifying circumstances enable Kayla and Mishalla to reunite. Together they hatch a plan to save the children who are disappearing. Yet can GENs really trust humans?

Snippet: Kayla hunched on the bank of the Chadi River while below her, Jal, her slender, black-skinned nurture brother, skipped from one deep pool of the river to another, searching for sewer toads. Watching over Jal had not been Kayla’s plans. She intended to spend the rare Thirdday holiday with friends.


October 2011 Carnival Of Children’s Literature


Poetry Friday

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STEM Friday

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
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