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Picture Book of the Day

Sparky: The Fire Dog

by Don Hoffman (Author) and Todd Dakins (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Meet Sparky. This adorable Dalmation puppy–who’s celebrating his SIXTIETH birthday–is an important member of the team at the fire station. But he’s more than just a cute character in a book: Sparky is the official spokesdog for the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and what he has to say can actually save lives.

Sparky the fire dog takes a group of young animals through the neighborhood, pointing out hazards, giving basic fire prevention and safety tips, and showing them how to be prepared in case of an emergency. From having a working smoke alarm to being careful with candles and knowing where your exits are, Sparky’s advice may be the most important thing children–and their parents–ever learn.


Roger knocks on Mrs. Sheep,s front door.

“Helloo, I’m out baaaack,” a voice calls,

“It’s Sparky and the Junior Inspectors.

We’re here to inspect your smoke alarms.”

BONUS! Watch the video and see how Sparky has changed over the years!


5 Great Ghost Books

Don’t Walk Alone at Night!

by Veronika Martenova Charles (Author) and David Parkins (Illustrator)

Three boys tell each other spooky tales. Easy reader with chapters

Pup and Hound Scare a Ghost

by Susan Hood (Author) and Linda Hendry (Illustrator)

Pup and Hound chase a ghost! Level 1 easy reader

This Book Is Haunted

by Joanne Rocklin (Author) and JoAnn Adinolfi (Illustrator)

There are 6 scary stories in this Level 1 easy reader.

The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween

by Samantha Brooke (Author)

Super Why and his friends help a scared ghost. Level 1 easy reader

The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost

by Geoffrey Hayes (Author, Illustrator)

Is there a ghost in Boogle Bay? Otto and Uncle Tooth are going to find out. Level 4 easy reader


Chapter Book of the Day

Ballpark Mysteries #2: The Pinstripe Ghost

by David A. Kelly (Author) and Mark Meyers (Illustrator)

112 pages

Booktalk: There are rumors that the ghost of Babe Ruth is haunting the new baseball stadium! A chill air blasts down a service hallway before every home game, along with various thumps and bumps. Is the Bambino really searching for his missing locker?


“What about the ghost of Babe Ruth?” Mrs. Hopkins asked. “Will he show up this weekend?”

Kate turned to Mike, her brown eyes wide. “A ghost?” she asked. “How come Mom didn’t tell us about it?”


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