Picture Book of the Day

Ladder to the Moon

by Maya Soetoro-Ng (Author) and Yuyi Morales (Illustrator)

Booktalk: A little girl climbs a golden ladder to visit her late Gramdmother on the moon…


One cool new evening,

Suhaila asked her mama,

“What was Grandma Annie like?”

She was like the moon,” her mother replied.

“Full, soft, and curious.

Your grandma would wrap her arms

around the whole world if she could.”


Chapter Book of the Day

The Vampire Dare! (Daphne’s Diary of Daily Disasters)

by Marissa Moss (Author, Illustrator)

80 pages

Booktalk: Daphne decides it’s kinda cool to be bitten by a vampire because you’ll live forever—and if you can’t die, you can’t get old and wrinkly. So when the teachers announce a costume day, Daphne wants to be the best vampire ever!

Snippet: There are three really hot things in my school these dys–Lamar Graham, the cutest boy in fourth grade, the horseradish the cafeteria serves with the hot dogs, and vampires. Any kind of vampire, but teenage or kid vampires are the best.


Literary Links

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