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Picture Book of the Day

Road Work Ahead

by Anastasia Suen (Author) and Jannie Ho (Illustrator)

Booktalk: When a family sets out on a trip to Grandma’s, their journey proves to be more like a visit to a construction site. Sidewalks are being poured, streetlights repaired, roads resurfaced. The noise of jackhammers, whistles, and horns fills the air. Boys and girls alike will love seeing the big machines at work. Anastasia Suen’s simple text and Jannie Ho’s bright, up-beat pictures make this one road trip to remember.

Road work ahead.
Move over. Go slow.
Jackhammers crack.
Look at them go.

Yes, this is my new picture book, a picture book poem that was 25 years in the making (and it’s only 120 words long)! The illustrator and I have been out on tour with the book all week.

September 19-23 Road Work Ahead blog tour

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the bloggers who hosted us this week! What a GREAT group! Each one focused on a different aspect of the book…Darcy wanted to know about the 25 years of revision, Carrie reminded us that kids like to watch construction, Terry and I talked about growing readers, Mary Ann’s kindergarten classes created art, Melissa explained the benefits of play, and Jone asked her students to review the book.

We have more activities for the book on our Road Work Ahead Facebook page. (Visit Jannie’s blog to see how she worked on the sketches and created the cover.)


Chapter Book of the Day

Dirt Bikes (Edge Books: Full Throttle)

by Lori Polydoros (Author)

32 pages

Booktalk: No other motorcycle can take a beating quite like a dirt bike. These lightweight speedsters combine strong suspension systems with high powered engines and superb handling. Find out how today’s riders push their tough bikes to new limits in racing, freestyle, and beyond.

Snippet: Forty dirt bike riders twist their throttle grips. Their bike engines roar. A flagman gives the 30-second warning, When the gate falls, the bikes blast off like rockets.


Poetry Friday

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STEM Friday

It’s STEM Friday! (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

This week’s STEM Friday Round-up is hosted by Rasco From RIF

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