Board Books and a Body Switch!

Picture Book of the Day

Big and Little
by Ana Martín Larrañaga (Author, Illustrator)

Booktalk: 4 board books in a boxed set with an animal baby and a parent featured in each rhyming story. In Fun on the Farm, it’s Mommy Hen and Baby Chick…

Then in the yard
we stroll around.
We make a noisy
clucking sound.


Chapter Book of the Day

Bye for Now: A Wishers Story
by Kathleen Churchyard (Author)
272 pages

Booktalk: After Robin’s eleventh birthday turns into an escalating disaster, she wishes to be someone else–and wakes up as Fiona, an eleven-year-old girl from London with an amazing life: she’s gorgeous, with glamorous parents, and she’s the star of a major theatrical production. Why would Fiona have wished herself out of her own body?

The horrible birthday began with a black eye.

SMACK. Dizziness. Pain. Through her other eye, Robin looked to see what she’d hit–a head of white-blonde hair–Sophie.


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