A Dieting Dog, Math, and Electricity

Picture Book of the Day

My Dog Jack is Fat
by Eve Bunting (Author) and Michael Rex (Illustrator)

Booktalk: Jack the dog needs to lose weight. How can his owner help? (This story is told in comic book speech bubbles.)

VET: Oh, dear. Jack has gained 10 pounds.
JACK THE DOG: This can’t be good.


Chapter Book of the Day

Saraswati’s Way
by Monika Schröder (Author)
240 pages

Booktalk: If the gods wanted Akash to have an education, he is told, they would give him one. But Akash has spent his entire twelve years in India poor and hungry. So he decides to take

control of his own life…

Snippet: The students called out the answers in a loud chorus: 45, 54, 63. When would they see the pattern? It was so easy, once you saw the pattern in the numbers. Akash cited them

backwards in his mind, 81, 72, 63, 54, then added the mulitplication products in his head, starting from the lowest.

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My Book of the Week

Wired by Anastasia Suen
A picture book about electricity

  • Copyright: 2007
  • Dewey Decimal Number: 621.319
  • ATOS Level: 5.1
  • AR Quiz Number: 117617
  • Library Binding / Paperback
  • Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing

“By sticking consistently to the topic of how electricity reaches the home without trying to cover history, trivia, or more complex science, the fundamental information comes through in an appealing way that kids can fully understand.”
School Library Journal


Make a battery:

Try the electricity word search, criss-cross and double puzzles at Discovery Education.

Visit the Games Page at Energy Quest for an energy word search, crossword, jigsaw puzzles and more!

The Energy Kids page has riddles, online field trips, wordsearch and crossword puzzles, an energy source sudoku, and a scavenger hunt.

See Teacher’s Corner extensive list of electricity lessons and experiments.


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