Nonfiction Monday

Picture Book of the Day

The Great Moon Hoax
by Stephen Krensky (Author) and Josee Bisaillon (Illustrator)

Booktalk: New Telescope Sees All! Amazing Secrets to Be Revealed! So the headlines read in the New York Sun one day in the summer of 1835. For a week straight, the newspaper printed stories and pictures of the discoveries made using a new telescope in far-off Africa. And on the streets of New York City, hundreds of newsboys shouted the headlines at the top of their lungs: Heavens Filled with Buffalo! Moon Beavers! Man Bats! We Are Not Alone! But was it true?

Snippet: The boys were already in line when Jake and Charlie arrived. Each would pay sixty-seven cents for every hundred copies of the Sun they bought. The newspapers sold for a peny each, so a newsboy could make a profit of thirty-three cents on each hundred. But if he wasn’t careful, he could lose money, because unsold papers could not be returned.


Chapter Book of the Day

The Middle Eastern American Experience (USA Today Cultural Mosaic)
by Sandy Donovan (Author)
80 pages

Booktalk: See how Middle Eastern Americans contribute to the United States’ cultural mosaic, enriching our nation with a wide range of traditions, customs, and life experiences.

Snippet: Middle Eastern Americans speak many languages. Many people who come from the Middle East speak Arabic. People from Iran speak Persian, and people from Turkey speak Turkish. In Israel, Hebrew is the most common language. Each of these languages has its own alphabet. So immigrants to the United States who don’t already know English, learn a new language and a new alphabet.


Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday

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