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Have you heard about the new social media platform called Google Plus? I joined over the weekend and I have to say, I like it. It has the best of Facebook and Twitter.

I give it 4+!

  1. Like Twitter, it allows people to connect with to me without any “approval” process. (In Facebook I have to take action on each and every connection before anyone is connected to me.)
  2. Like Facebook and Twitter, it allows me to create lists…but the biggest difference is, I can read each list by itself! This is HUGE! (And also why I have churned through several Facebook and Twitter accounts over the years. I like to see info in small bytes. So I tried to make an account for each part of my life, but the people I wanted to connect with added themselves to the social media list they found first, whether it was for their “type” or not. So I regrouped and regrouped time and again… and now… I can have my lists… and
  3. I can mail to ONE list at a time. (This is not possible on Twitter and too difficult to manage on Facebook.)
  4. And to top it all off, I can EDIT my comments AFTER I post. (I can’t type and spell at the same time, so this is another HUGE development for me.)

So about those circles… how do you know who is where?

Well, I’m already on the Book Blogger Google + list and the Kidlitosphere folks to follow list. The Children’s Book Illustrators have a list and Susan Taylor Brown also has a Poets to follow list.

For me, the next step is, creating a new “list” for my picture book writers. If you’re on Google Plus and you WRITE picture books (whether you are published yet or not) add yourself to my G+ picture book writers list! Thanks!

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