Inside a Virtual Visit

What happens during a virtual visit chat? (How much can we do in 20 minutes?)

Before the virtual visit chat:

  1. The students read my books
  2. and think of a question to ask me.

During the virtual visit chat,

  1. I read to your students and
  2. answer their questions.

For example, in March 2009, I had a virtual visit chat with a class at Townley Elementary. After the students read my books, the librarian helped them think of the questions to ask me.

The students wrote their question on a sheet of paper. On the day of the visit, they brought it with them to the computer when it was their turn to talk with me. This helped them stay on task. (It also helped them remember what they wanted to say!)

We used only the computer for this visit, which was nice for the student asking the question. The others had to stand so they could see, so now I ask that you use a large screen. Then everyone in the class can watch the program comfortably.

Would YOU like to sign your class up for a FREE 20 minute virtual visit chat?
Contact Hannah Ehlrich at Lee and Low Books 1-888-320-3190 ext. 29

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